Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Cold, wet and pancakes

I took this photograph this morning while I was down at the harbour. It was cold and raining and I noticed there was snow on the mountains again. It's not the weather for going anywhere  just now so not much to blog about. It was home for a hot chocolate, dry off my coat and trousers and do a bit more of the jigsaw! What an exciting life I lead.

It's pancake day today and I've cheated and bought a couple of packs of ready made ones from the chiller department and had them delivered. I've bought an anytime delivery pass for a whole year, it was an offer emailed to me with £20 off the price. So I think it's great that I can choose my groceries online and have them delivered the following morning if I so wish. In fact for the last couple of weeks I have had the shopping delivered on a Sunday morning.

If it wasn't for having to take Annie for her daily walk, I swear I could easily become a recluse never having to leave the house. Not really, I just wish the weather would improve.

Now the question is, if you are having pancakes today do you like sweet or savoury? I have bought plain ones and I like maple syrup on mine :) Husband being diabetic will have to have some sweetener and a banana on his.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Destructive Doris

Doris woke me up in the early hours of yesterday and I couldn't get back to sleep. The wind was howling and the rain lashed it down all day. It's the first time in a long time that I didn't take Annie out for her walk. There is a little bit of damage to our garden fence, not entirely unexpected as the fence needs replacing but our hands are tied until our solicitor sorts out the boundary dispute for us which has being going on for almost a year now.

Earlier in the week I went to take some more photographs of the pier but I learned on the local news last night that it has been damaged even further in yesterday's storm. I'll post my photographs anyway as they show how derelict the pier has become. As you can see in my first photo there was a security guard on duty. I would imagine the pier will be dismantled as a matter of urgency following yesterday's further collapse.

 After taking these photos I walked Annie into town and sat at a table outside a cafe, ordered a coffee and no sooner had it been served to me it started to rain. I don't have much luck :)

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Dogfish, dogs and cats

I'm a bit annoyed with myself today as I hadn't put my camera in my pocket when I took Annie down to the beach. There isn't usually anything much to photograph but there was today. I threw a tennis ball for Annie to chase, she ran after it, picked it up but dropped it to go sniffing at something and whatever it was made her jump backwards. I went to investigate and found it was what I guess was a dogfish about twelve to fourteen inches long and it was still alive. All I could think to do was pick it up and get it into the water. I put one of Annie's clean poo bags over my hand and picked up the fish and walked the fifty or so yards to a big pool of sea water. Unfortunately the fish just lay on the bottom of the pool without moving so I think it had breathed it's last breath. At least it was back in the water where it belonged. Annie hadn't touched it, it was just a fish out of water :(

Back at home I decided  to make a start on a jigsaw puzzle that I had as a gift for Christmas. I'm not sure how long it will take me to complete but it looks like it will interest me. It's only a small size box but a full size jigsaw. It's called "Summer Dogs" but I want it finished long before then as I'll want my table back for Easter.  I can see from the picturet there is at least one cat in amongst all those dogs :)

When Molly met Fergal

Yesterday daughter and son-in-law took Molly to visit a friend who owns a pet shop. Molly was treated to a new fleece jacket and some rather yummy treats. Daughter's friend phoned her husband to bring their dog Fergal along to meet Molly. Daughter sent me some nice photos of their day out and I thought it would be nice to share. Fergal is a bit of a stunner too wouldn't you agree? :-)

Friday, 17 February 2017

He gave it a thump

I don't go into town very often as I do most of my grocery shopping online. However when I have errands to do I stock up on toiletries at the pound shop, things like soap, hand-wash, deodarants and toothpaste. The other day I bought a deodorant aerosol spray but when I came to use it no matter how hard I pressed it would not spray. Knowing I had to go into town again today I decided to take it back and exchange it for another.

The male assistant couldn't get it to spray either, but he gave it a thump on the top and pressed the spray again and promptly squirted himself in the face. I tried not to laugh but when he asked if I wanted a different one I said no it's alright, it's working now :)

There was a new clothing section opened in-store today, I'd been given a voucher outside the store so I thought I'd have a look at the clothes before I left. I'd seen a programme about this fashion chain on the television and I think it's on a par with Primark, cheap and cheerful clothes, although not for a pound :) I have to say they do stock larger sizes but there was nothing that caught my eye.

Our town is pretty hopeless for clothes shopping, the bigger named store have all moved out of town. I was thinking that maybe I'll go back in there when we need some clothes to take on holiday with us. I really need to lose some weight before then, I have put off dieting in these cold winter months and it's all too easy to hide under thick jumpers and coats. The weather has turned quite mild today so while I was in town I treated myself to a filet of fish, fries and a latte in McDonald's :)

Monday, 13 February 2017

Hope for an early Spring

As I walked through the park yesterday, I noticed that the daffodils looked like they were ready to bloom and as I walked on I came across a few that had opened. Yet these February days still feel gloomy and bitterly cold.  I'm hoping for an early Spring so all the daffodils can bloom and I can think of Wordsworth's famous poem about a host of golden daffodils, beside the lake, beneath the trees.

Then as I walked past the viewing platform over the lake, one of the swans decided to get out of the water, now that was a little bit worrying.

 but he wasn't interested in us

 he had no care he just wanted to stretch his legs and stand and stare :)

Friday, 10 February 2017

Ducks, soup and sausages for dogs

We went for a trip out to Betws-y-coed yesterday, it was a cold but fine day.  It's one of our favourite places to visit and it was surprisingly quiet as it's such a popular destination with tourists, cyclists and walkers alike, even in the depths of winter. There was no trouble finding a vacant parking space and I decided to take Annie for a walk before having a look in a few of the local shops before having a bite to eat.

After crossing the bridge I stopped for awhile to watch some ducks ducking and diving in the water. It had been quite amusing to see them balancing on the edge of the weir and jumping off it into the river.

Then I noticed that one of the ducks was different from the rest and I recognised it immediately as a mandarin duck. My blogging friend Eunice had photographed one on her walk in Lancashire in the New Year and having never seen one before I thought it was absolutely stunning. Here I was seeing one in the flesh as it were!

Annie may have been getting impatient for walk so off we went down the boardwalk and back again without meeting any other dogs, which has to be a first :)

Before going for a bite to eat I called into a few of the shops as most of them here are dog-friendly which is a bonus for sure, the other bonus being that there were numerous shops having sales and I do like a bargain. I was amused to see in one of the touristy shops that sledges have been reduced in price, so obviously they have given up on us having snow this winter.

I didn't expect to find these lovely soup bowls reduced from £5 to only £1.99 each and as they so perfectly match the decor of my kitchen I just had to buy a couple. One side says soup and the other side says noodles, but as we don't eat noodles they are my new soup bowls. I have a lovely sparkly, black worktop and a red blind, who'd have thought I would find sparkly bowls to match :) The sales assistant wrapped them up really well in reams of bubble wrap for me so they arrived home safely.

The place where we normally eat at the Royal Oak Hotel is boycotted by us now following a very cruel incident there last December, I was actually quite pleased to see no customers sitting at the outside tables yesterday. As you know I'm an animal lover and what happened there sickened me. Here is a link to the story be warned of the content. I make no apologies for blogging about it.

We had lunch at a very nice, dog-friendly coffee shop that also sells sausages for dogs for only 25 pence a go, so they get our seal of approval. Annie returned home a very happy and content dog.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Magic beans

My husband is a big fan of the Harry Potter films, me not so much :) Daughter bought her Dad some jelly beans as a stocking filler for Christmas. She told me in advance that there were some very strange flavours included in the box but asked me not to say a word to her Dad.

Daughter keeps asking her Dad if he has eaten his jelly beans yet to which he replies "no" and I laugh. He twigged there was something odd about his box of jelly beans and when he read the favours he understood!

When daughter visited us at the weekend, my husband tried to give the unopened box of jelly beans back to her. She replied that she couldn't eat them as she is vegetarian.

Well daughter dear, have I got news for you. I have checked online and they are suitable for vegetarians and you have a birthday coming up. Just be warned though, all those E numbers may make children hyperactive :)

Sunday, 5 February 2017

A sight to see

Being naturally nosey I wanted to go and have a look at the pier that has partially collapsed into the sea just a few days ago and to take some photos before the pier disappears forever as I feel sure it'll end up being demolished now. The sun was shining but it was so, so cold.

It's a nice stretch of beach here for dogs to run on and even though I say so myself I took a nice of photo of Annie waiting for me to concentrate on her walk instead of gazing at the scenery.

Well actually what was going on was a large group of people who I think must have been army cadets doing their exercises, as why else would they be crawling along on their bellies :)

 So this is what I came to photograph. 

Before I finally left the beach there was another sight to behold, I assume it was two of the rough, tough soldiers doing their training as I can't begin to imagine why else they would be going for a swim in just above freezing temperatures and I wonder how cold the sea must have been despite the sun shining. The girl in the green t-shirt must have been in charge of the trainers :)

Back at home and in the warmth, we had visitors and unfortunately Annie is just as unwelcoming as ever to Molly. Fair play to Molly, she just had one small grumble but Annie certainly showed her displeasure at the intrusion especially when Molly dived in her toy box and threw Annie's favourite toys around the room.

All looks calm here, daughter was being camera-shy but needed her Annie cuddle. Molly just wasn't bothered :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Lost and found

I don't often lose things but I had a very strange day the other day and I can honestly say things do happen in threes. I lost three things and found them again.

I usually come down in a morning and spend an hour on the computer catching up with emails, blogs, the latest news and such but when I turned on the computer the cursor had disappeared. I clicked all around the screen but it was nowhere to be seen, it was invisible. I knew I had a spare mouse somewhere so I had to go and hunt for that but it turned out not to be a faulty mouse. It's a good job I have an iPad mini so I was able to look online for the reason and solution. I think I had to press the right and left arrow keys and the tab button to sign in and then the cursor magically appeared. It has disappeared once more since then but it's back again for now.

Later in the morning I took Annie down to the promenade where she loves to walk along the sea wall. I had my small camera in my coat pocket and while Annie was mooching about in the sand dunes I stopped to take a photo of two pigeons sat on the wall totally unfazed by my approaching. Photo duly taken Annie reappears and they fly away. We carried on walking until we reached the dunes path where I had to put Annie back on her lead, having previously been fined by council officials for breaking the by-laws and read my rights that anything I do say may be used in evidence blah blah blah :) Anyway, shock, horror, I didn't have her lead  anymore and had lost it. I retraced my steps and thankfully discovered her dog lead in the place where I had taken the birds' photograph.

Back at home, mid-afternoon I was sat at the computer having a nice cup of coffee and a shortbread biscuit. I know, I know, the diet hasn't started  yet :) The biscuits were so short that one broke in half and fell to the floor. It was nowhere to be seen so I got on my hands and knees to search for it. Annie was asleep on the sofa so she wasn't guilty of hoovering it up. I did eventually find it by pulling out the printer from the bottom shelf of the computer desk and I found the biscuit right at the back where all the wires are. How it bounced over the printer and landed there is a complete mystery :)

So there you have it, three disappearing acts all in the space of one day :)