Monday, 10 April 2017

Six away days

This is the best clean-up sign I have ever seen, unfortunately Annie is not as well trained and I have to clean up after her myself :)

This will be my final holiday post but will be photo heavy! Saturday was our first full day of six in the lodge / caravan, yes I know they call them lodges but we've stayed in lodges before and this was  more like a caravan, albeit a luxury caravan and we were very warm and comfortable. Where was I, oh yes,  Saturday morning it rained hard and thankfully this was the only rain of the holiday, the remaining days were warm and we enjoyed glorious sunshine. After the rain had stopped we went into the town and had lunch in front of a huge, large screen television and the pub erupted into a loud cheer when Liverpool scored their first goal of the match. We're not football fans but enjoyed the food and atmosphere :)

On  Sunday, we discovered that a short distance away from the lodges, there was a turning off the main road that led to the Bala  steam railway "station' although this was the point where the train turns around and not the main station, and so I decided I would check out if the train was running this week which it was, so a ride on the steam train was on my agenda for another day. Then there was a second turning from the road where we discovered a small, free car park which turned out to be at the start of a footpath which runs alongside the north side of the lake. The lake was to our left and fields of sheep to our right.

The walk was plenty long enough for us, we even stopped at a couple of wooden benches facing the lake and that's where husband stopped to rest and Annie discovered what turned out to be the cucumber snake. You can just see her scrambling over the rocks to get back to her Dad after being warned not to pick it up :)

The path ends nicely at a boatyard car park complete with toilets and cafe and a lovely lakeside view.
We just managed to order toasted bacon sandwiches and coffee and claim a seat in the cafe before a load of bikers arrived and the cafe became packed both inside and outside.

On Monday we visited Barmouth and although we've been here many times before, it was nice to be able to take Annie on the beach.

 I've posted a photo of this cafe before on a previous blog, the sign always makes me smile and they are never going to adjust that 'C' :) Not somewhere I really want to eat if you know what I mean :)

The following day we caught the steam train from Bala and just about managed to have time for coffee and a scone  in the station tea-room at the end of the four and a half mile train ride, then it was time for the return journey. Annie  had bought her own ticket for £1 and that made her entitled to her own seat on the train :)

On Wednesday we decided to go to Llangollen having enjoyed a riverside walk there on a previous visit. We had a pleasant stroll by the canal this time and it was fascinating to see what I think is a disused lock gate.

I've never seen a taxidermy studio before and wanted to look through the window although the studio itself was closed. I don't know how I feel about stuffed animals :(

We had a look around a mill shop before lunch and I really wanted to buy one of these mushrooms for my mole garden at home but didn't want to carry one around the town so we'll have to schedule another visit another time :)

We discovered a lovely dog-friendly bistro right next to the river and the food and coffee were inexpensive, extremely tasty, the service was excellent and we had the best riverside view ever.

 On our last complete day we went on a lakeside walk to the cafe again which unfortunately was closed. We tried the door and the owner opened up for us. We had quite a wait for our coffee but had a lovely long chat with the owner who is a lovely man and he certainly made us laugh. Annie found herself a stick by the lake so she was happy and I can honestly say this holiday was really enjoyable and I can't wait to do it all again :)


  1. I love that 'clean up' sign, where was it? I wouldn't mind taking a photo of it myself if I get that way this weekend.

    I must admit to not immediately seeing the wonky 'C' on that Barmouth cafe, thought it was rather a strange name for an eating place :) Maybe if you went in there you'd end up like that cafe scene in When Harry Met Sally, where the woman at the other table says "I'll have whatever she's having"! Lol

    Love the photo of Annie on the train seat; what a clever girl to buy her own ticket :)

    I've been past that taxidermy studio loads of times but it never seems to be open - maybe it's by appointment only or something. I don't really see the point of stuffed animals and I can't understand why anyone these days would want one their home :(

    The Deeside Cafe has been recommended to me before and the one time I did go there for coffee and cake it was absolutely full so I didn't get in.

    I'm glad Annie was happy with her stick - it doesn't take much does it? Sometimes I think I'd love our dogs to be able to talk, at least they could tell us if they enjoyed the holiday :)

    1. I've thought about cropping the clean-up photo and using it as my profile picture instead of my 'coffee to go' pic, it's so good :) It's at the start of the footpath on the north side of the lake, not far from the lodges. Husband didn't even notice the sign, but I did :)

      They may get a few When Harry Met Sally moments in that cafe :)

      I have very mixed feelings about the stuffed animals, they are very well done and I like the hare but I would never entertain having one in my home, ooh no :(

      The Dee Side cafe was absolutely heaving when we tried to go in the first time, so after looking around the mill shop we were lucky to get a table the second time of trying. It was the best cup of coffee I've ever had out and the steak pie was full of big chunks of meat. The staff were really attentive and it was very quick service. The view from the window as you're eating is fantastic. The cafe gets a 10 out of 10 from me :)

      I know full well that Annie enjoyed her holiday there (apart from that pesky cat on the decking) and she's asked if she can go back and she'd like another ride on the train LOL :)

  2. I have really enjoyed seeing your photographs and the cafe sign did make me laugh.
    It looks like the kind of break I would enjoy so I will have a look at the local area.

    1. I know I'm biased as I live in north Wales but Snowdonia is a beautiful area.

      That cafe sign always makes me laugh, I've never been inside though :)

  3. Did Annie hand over the money herself for her ticket :)

    Thats is a great clean up photo :)

    And your other photos are great too :)

    1. The sign was designed by school children it says. They will have a great career ahead of them with such imagination and talent. I really do love that sign :)

      Annie thought having her own train ticket was great too :)