Tuesday, 11 April 2017

R.I.P. Ninja cat

I'm very sad today. 

I took these photos back in October 2014 of a neighbourhood cat I have always called Ninja cat. He was quite a character and would torment Annie. He would lurk in the bushes, jump out at her, follow us home and sit on our garden wall until we let Annie into our back garden to see him off. I'm sure when he jumped off that wall he was laughing at us.

I was walking past his home today when his owner came to tell me that Annie was safe to pass her house now as Freddie (his real name) won't be bothering her anymore. I was shocked to learn that last week some callous bastard (I make no apologies for my language) had set his dog on to him late one night and Freddie was so badly injured he had to be put to sleep. What makes it worse is that Freddie was the first pet of our neighbour's eleven year old son. Freddie was only seven years old.

The incident happened on the street, a few doors away from our neighbour's home and the matter has been reported to the police. It seems that the police have someone on their radar for doing this crime as it's happened before. Apparently he goes 'lamping' late at night. Unfortunately they don't have the actual proof that it was him.

I can only weep. Bloody thug. 


  1. Oh my goodness. That's awful. Poor Freddie and his poor owner. He must be heartbroken.
    I do worry about our cat at times. I hope they get the thug that did this. X

    1. That poor boy, eleven years old and losing his pet in such a barbaric way, makes me want to cry. Knowing that there is a local person doing this at night is just sickening.

      My Annie is from a lurcher rescue and my daughter lost her two much loved rescued lurchers last year. We are well aware that these dogs are used for hunting wild life....that's bad enough but setting a dog onto a pet cat!! It's truly horrific.

  2. OMG, that poor cat - he must have suffered terribly :( How any sick sadistic moron can set a dog onto another defenceless animal, whether it's domesticated or wild, is totally beyond my comprehension. I hope the police get the b*****d, whoever he is.

    Many years ago I suffered the loss of one of my cats due to cruelty by mindless thugs (who were actually only ten years old so couldn't be prosecuted)- it was a different form of cruelty but still very heartbreaking. If you see your neighbour again please pass on my thoughts and sympathies to her and her son xx

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you lost one of your cats to cruelty Eunice. It's hard to understand such wickedness towards defenseless animals. Thank goodness there are more good people in than world than bad.

      I hope I get to speak with her again and I will pass on your sympathies to her. I don't actually know her but she knew I passed by her house almost every day! It probably amused her that I was always on the lookout for ninja cat in case he was hiding in the bushes. In those photos he was stalking us and Annie really does not like cats so sometimes I'd have to cross over the road. I was so shocked to hear about what happened to him, then I was angry, then sad. I do hope they catch the man responsible, and soon.

  3. I dont get why people can be so nasty...

    ...I hope that one day all of the nasty people will get whats coming to them.

    What goes around comes around.

    Poor Freddie the Ninja...

    ...at least he is playing in heaven now :)

    1. I hope some bad karma will be coming the thug's way too.

      Ninja cat is at peace now.

  4. I'm with you on this one Eileen, Bloody Thugs!!!....I believe in Karma, what goes around etc.