Sunday, 16 April 2017

Molly by the sea

Daughter, son-in-law and Molly won't be joining us for our Easter Sunday meal today, they arrived yesterday morning instead. That is what Annie thought about Molly turning up at her house again. Molly came in, walked right past us, straight into the kitchen and ate Annie's food, just like Eric used to do :)

Daughter came bearing gifts as she knows we don't buy Easter eggs, daughter was making sure we had some chocolate for Easter and I'm sure Annie is going to enjoy her doggy chocolate bar :)

So we took the dogs down to the beach and they had a great time, Molly even had some off lead time and she was really good considering her recall isn't too good which is why she needs her long line training lead. Having treats in my handbag often helped too :)

 We stopped at the promenade cafe and had a welcome cup of coffee and toast.

Do you like Molly's new collar? Daughter had it handmade especially for Molly and certainly reflects daughter's wacky sense of humour :) Please do checkout her friend's website here at 
I urge you to read MaggieMoo's about me page, it made me cry :(

After our walk we returned home and watched  the live stream of April the giraffe just minutes after she had given birth. I have to be honest I had no idea about April until daughter told me about the impending birth being an internet sensation and it was rather good timing on our part to be able to watch mother and calf live on television (we have a smart TV) and watch the young calf getting to his feet on wobbly legs. Oh yes, it's a boy :)

So our family set off  home after tea and phoned later to say they made good time as the traffic on the road wasn't too bad late evening.

Our Easter Sunday will be a nice meal at home for just the two of us and we will watch the Grand Prix live on TV later this afternoon. We may partake in one or two of those creme eggs :)

I hope you enjoy your Easter celebrations too.


  1. Lovely to see the dogs enjoying themselves and what a smart collar Molly has. Have a lovely Easter and enjoy your creme eggs. X

    1. Molly and Annie aren't too keen on each other but that was a nice, successful time on the beach. Back in our house Annie had a bit of a grumble at Molly :)

      You enjoy your Easter too Jules.

  2. you are very technological with your smart TV LOL :)

    happy easter too :)

    1. Believe me the TV is much smarter than I am! :) We were watching the giraffes on daughter's iPhone when son-in-law suggested we could all watch in on the TV :)

      Happy Easter to you and your family too CL :)

  3. Love the photo of Annie with her tongue poking out :)

    I didn't know about the giraffe with being away so I've just watched it via your link - poor baby being dropped on its head at the moment of birth :(

    I read meggiemoo's 'about me' page, it's so sad :( I like Molly's new collar though, it's very smart :)

    1. I think Annie was licking her lips at the prospect of some toast really ;)

      It is a long way for the baby giraffe to drop :( We just missed seeing the actual birth by a few minutes but glad I found the link to watch later. There were over a million and a half people viewing when we logged on just as the baby was trying to stand up, quite something to see as Mum was encouraging him. Hooray for the internet :)

      Poor Meggiemoo had a terrible start in life but thankfully she found a very loving home, not all greyhounds are so fortunate :(
      Trust my daughter to want a collar with OMG and Zapp on it though :)