Saturday, 8 April 2017

Holiday mishaps

I'm pleased to say we had an excellent week away and I did mention in my previous post we had just a few blips so I'll get these out of the way first. It's a straightforward drive down to Bala and we had been given directions to the lodges. However I'm not blessed with a good sense of direction and rely on the sat nav even though there have been many times when I've wanted to throw it out of the car window.  It seemed simple enough on paper but as we entered Bala there was some major road resurfacing work going on at the crossroads and we should have turned left but the sat nav sent us right and I just didn't see the big, brown information sign. It sent us right up some narrow lanes for a couple of miles before we encountered a sheep directly in front of us and I decided this definitely was not the correct way to go, we managed to turn around and got where we needed to be in the end.

Having found the way to the lodges and given our keys, we discovered the parking bays were rather small and the car overshot it and we got stuck in the mud. The ladies from reception came to have a look  but couldn't help push us out for health and safety reasons and suggested we'd have to wait for the ground to firm up! Thankfully a couple of guests were passing by and gave us a push, assisted by putting our lovely new car mats under the front tyres for extra grip. Done and dusted and correctly parked in our correct space, we were safely in the lodge. We were slightly hot and bothered by then, but the lodge was so hot inside I had to throw open most of the windows and doors just to cool down. We had to turn all the radiators down before putting the kettle on for a much needed brew.

Oops, this is what our car did and it wasn't even our designated bay.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons were spent enjoying the hot tub. We have stayed in lodges with hot tubs before and I know the water should not be as foamy as it was. I'd also rinsed my face with the water and by Monday my face had erupted into one blotchy mess. Thankfully while we were out for the day on Monday the water in the hot tub had been changed and for the rest of our time the water was clear even with the jets on full blast and my blotchy face eventually calmed down.

The final calamity happened on Sunday evening. Husband had put Annie onto an extending lead ready for me to take her for a toilet break on the park. He had hold of the lead and was opening the door to pass Annie to me when she spotted a cat on our decking and she bolted after it taking the full length of the lead through husband's hand. The lead left more than burn marks but actually tore his skin. Luckily we carry a small first aid kit in the car which had a sachet of burns gel inside it. Monday morning I was able to get to the chemist shop and buy some melolin dressings and plasters. We later discovered there was more than one park cat loitering which is ridiculous when they advertise as being dog-friendly, that silly cat nearly lost one of it's nine lives.

Annie on the lookout for cats.

So all the blips happened over the first weekend then it was plain sailing from thereon in. There was a very amusing incident as we walked around the lake, I spotted Annie sniffing something long and green in the grass and fearful that it was a snake, I shouted her to leave it alone and went to investigate.  You'll never guess what it was:

 A cucumber :)


  1. Lovely to discover your blog. I'm glad you ended up having an enjoyable holiday despite your mishaps and I hope your husband's hand heals quickly. The snake/cucumber situation made me laugh. X

    1. Welcome to my blog Jules. Husband's hand is almost better, I think I did my nurse duties quite well :)

      The Welsh cucumber snake incident made us laugh :)

  2. You definitely had your fair share of calamities but at least you got them all out of the way in the first couple of days. There was certainly a lot of foam in that hot tub, it looks like someone put a load of bubble bath in it; glad to hear your face is okay again. I love the cucumber 'snake' - I wonder how it got there? :)

    1. I think these things can only happen to us :)

      There were a couple of benches nearby so I expect the cucumber snake escaped from someone's picnic hamper :)

  3. sounds like you had an eventful time :)

    the cucumber snake would probably have been a bit crunchy if annie took a bite out of it :)

    1. They were just minor blips apart from husband's hand injury which of course was an accident.

      I was relieved it was a cucumber and didn't bite Annie :)