Sunday, 19 March 2017

Feeling under the weather

Nothing much to report this week, I've been feeling a tad under the weather, bad enough to send me off to see the doctor who has given me a seven day course of antibiotics. It's nothing serious, I'll live I think :). It's also been quite rainy this week and so Annie's walks have been shorter than normal, just down the road to the beach and back home for a hot chocolate, my choice of comfort drink. At least it's not as cold now and there has been some sunshine in the afternoons so husband and I have been sitting in the conservatory, reading our respective books and just relaxing and dozing off to sleep :)

Annie's thick winter coat has been put away and swapped for her raincoat. This one is designed for her whippety shape and has the same kind of hoodie attached. The beach is quite deserted as the wind was quite strong this morning. It even looked like the kite surfer was having a bit of a battle :)

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

We went sailing

Following on from my previous post it seems that I had sneaked through what was to be the start of three weeks work dredging the harbour. Much more of the area has been closed off for safety reasons and so we will walk elsewhere for the duration of the work. Annie's not too concerned where she goes and is quite happy to go down to any beach and she especially loves to walk along the seawall.

Yesterday, just for a change we went off to Conwy for the day. We went down to the harbour  and as luck would have it we were just in time to go on half hour sightseeing tour and as dogs were welcome on board, sailed for free, there was a concession for seniors, I thought that would be just the ticket :)

So we set sail on the Queen Victoria and the crew couldn't have been more helpful guiding us on,  Annie was made a fuss of and I was asked which dog treats she would like so we settled on Markies and she was given three to eat :) I think there were only three other couples on board and we had a front row seat :)

My photos aren't great as they were taken through the boat's window and it was a grey day but here are a few.

I won't run through the very interesting on board commentary but you can discover for yourself the links between:

Conwy and the Titanic disaster


The Crown Jewels

The hillside site of a castle that is no longer there.

Our day out made a nice relaxing change and then it was time for lunch in a dog-friendly pub and then back home again.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Sneaking through

When I arrived at the harbour this morning, fences had been erected blocking two different routes  but I was able to take Annie the way we usually go to walk along the boardwalk.  It was quite warm today with a nice blue sky and it was nice to leave the boardwalk and go down onto the beach. The way we exit the beach is at the point where the river enters the sea. I walked through deep tracks where dumper trucks were moving sand and I soon realised that Annie needed to be on her lead as we didn't want to be flattened by those things!

I stood for a while watching the big digger loading sand into the buckets of the dumper trucks and it seemed a very coordinated operation, as soon as one left full of sand another arrived ready to be filled.

When we got safely back to the start of our circular walk, the health and safety supervisor asked me how I'd managed to sneak through. I told him we'd come from off the beach and he said he'd have to go and put some signs up there too. I wasn't really in any bother but at least it highlighted his risk assessment hadn't been thorough enough.

I'm not sure exactly what they are doing, making more sand dunes I expect as I have seen them transplanting new areas of marram grass before. I noticed they had a very unusual way to move the picnic benches out of the way.

Before I left to return home I stopped to talk to a lady with a spaniel with the most delightful tail and I couldn't resist asking for a photograph :)

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Work in progress

Work has started on demolishing part of the pier, so I went along to take a look and take some photographs. They reckon it will take about three weeks to demolish the damaged parts and it'll be interesting to watch the progress. I read in the news that there are plans to create a boardwalk and hopes to restore the pavilion. They are trying to salvage parts of the pier to be used in any potential restoration.

When I arrived there was a fitness club already congregating on the beach. It's a bit of a steep step down to the beach behind the metal figures you see in the foreground but Annie and I managed it although a lively, young spaniel was wanting to play with her and Annie can't be bothered with young pups anymore. Her owner noticed that her dog was frightening Annie so I only took a few photos down on the beach but I did give the over-friendly young pup a fuss before we left.

There's a stark contrast in the colour of the sky to the east which was overcast yet to the west facing the pier there was a nice blue sky (I took the photo of the metal figures a couple of weeks ago).

Anyway, this is what I came to see, all the diggers in place and a  pile of mangled metal waiting to be placed in the skips.

More importantly you can see some of the salvaged panels propped up against the fence and some of the supports laying on the ground.

There were several people  pulling up in their cars to look and take photographs and everyone is of the same opinion that it's a shame it had to come to this, such a tragic loss. I know a huge amount of money will be be spent demolishing the pier and what a pity it couldn't be found earlier! This pier was part of my husband's childhood.

Thursday, 2 March 2017


Son-in-law sent us a link to this YouTube video. Please spare two minutes to watch an advert for the pawfect family car :)

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Cold, wet and pancakes

I took this photograph this morning while I was down at the harbour. It was cold and raining and I noticed there was snow on the mountains again. It's not the weather for going anywhere  just now so not much to blog about. It was home for a hot chocolate, dry off my coat and trousers and do a bit more of the jigsaw! What an exciting life I lead.

It's pancake day today and I've cheated and bought a couple of packs of ready made ones from the chiller department and had them delivered. I've bought an anytime delivery pass for a whole year, it was an offer emailed to me with £20 off the price. So I think it's great that I can choose my groceries online and have them delivered the following morning if I so wish. In fact for the last couple of weeks I have had the shopping delivered on a Sunday morning.

If it wasn't for having to take Annie for her daily walk, I swear I could easily become a recluse never having to leave the house. Not really, I just wish the weather would improve.

Now the question is, if you are having pancakes today do you like sweet or savoury? I have bought plain ones and I like maple syrup on mine :) Husband being diabetic will have to have some sweetener and a banana on his.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Destructive Doris

Doris woke me up in the early hours of yesterday and I couldn't get back to sleep. The wind was howling and the rain lashed it down all day. It's the first time in a long time that I didn't take Annie out for her walk. There is a little bit of damage to our garden fence, not entirely unexpected as the fence needs replacing but our hands are tied until our solicitor sorts out the boundary dispute for us which has being going on for almost a year now.

Earlier in the week I went to take some more photographs of the pier but I learned on the local news last night that it has been damaged even further in yesterday's storm. I'll post my photographs anyway as they show how derelict the pier has become. As you can see in my first photo there was a security guard on duty. I would imagine the pier will be dismantled as a matter of urgency following yesterday's further collapse.

 After taking these photos I walked Annie into town and sat at a table outside a cafe, ordered a coffee and no sooner had it been served to me it started to rain. I don't have much luck :)