Saturday, 29 April 2017


On Wednesday down at the harbour I saw a group of people erecting what looked like an electric fence to the inside of an existing wooden fence. I asked one of the workers what it as for and he told me it was to protect rare breeding birds.

The following day I was able to take some photos of the completed fence and sure enough the inner fence is electrified and notices placed all around the outer fence warning to keep dogs under close control.

The original fenced area has been extended and it's there that the electric fencing is exposed and this area is cordoned off with just a blue rope. It really concerned me that some dogs may get harmed. Obviously dogs can't read the signs so it's up to their owners to keep them under control.

It's only since looking online that I discovered a number of areas along our coastline have been protected like this for a number of years. Our coast is home to Britain's rarest seabirds and it's only right that they can breed undisturbed. The earliest article I could find is here and the article goes on to say that the fences are electrified at night so I'm hoping that it's the same for this electric fence but I'm certainly not going to test it out! Hopefully dog owners will keep their dogs well away in the daytime too.

The tide has been in each morning for the last few days and I've walked Annie down here now on lead and as you can see, these young fishermen were taking full advantage of the high tide. (The exposed electric fenced area is just to the left in the photo below). I hope the sea birds have a successful breeding season before they return to west Africa in September.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

It's oh so cold

It turned really cold yesterday afternoon and is still bitterly cold and windy today. The arctic blast brought snow to the mountains and as always I like to take my own photograph from our dunes path. This cold weather is expected to last until the weekend, what a contrast from the beautiful warm sunshine we enjoyed just three weeks ago on our holiday in Snowdonia.

It's not often we see any ships on the sea here but today I was fortunate enough to spot this ship which carries aircraft wings made in Broughton on it's way to France. The photo is the best I could manage with my small point and shoot camera on full zoom with very cold hands :)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Turning a blind eye

Following on from yesterday's post about rabbits in the dunes,  I then got myself ready,  took Annie down to the harbour and I was lucky enough to spot one and photograph it. Annie was totally oblivious  and was actually looking the other way :)

I'm not certain if the man with the bag for life was collecting pebbles or not, but did you know that taking shingle from the beach was illegal, I've just thrown in a random fact there :)  Anyway, as blogging friend Eunice is looking forward to taking her two little terriers Sophie and Poppie on this boardwalk when she visits later this year, I hope it will be low tide as it was yesterday. As you can see in this photo, where the river flows into the sea there is a vast area of beach for the dogs to run around and dip there paws in the water if they want to. Just added a link to the tide tables for you here Eunice, so you can plan ahead nearer the time :)

Friday, 21 April 2017

Running out of steam

I took this photo yesterday just so you can get an idea of how the boardwalk splits up in two directions but meets up again near the end of the walk, and of course I always need to sneak in an Annie photo too :)

I sometimes meet these two dogs and their owner on our walk here. The brown dog knows I usually have a bag of treats in my pocket and she always jumps up at me to get first dibs, her pal the mottled black and white dog is much more reserved and Annie quite likes both of these dogs.

The other day they came hurtling through the dunes chasing a rabbit, I was willing the rabbit to run, run, run and it did. It went under the boardwalk for it's safety and stayed there. What did Annie do? Absolutely nothing :) We were up on the slightly higher level and  I wasn't quick enough to capture a photo of the rabbit but the two dogs were on high alert should it emerge again :(  For once brown dog wasn't interested in my treats and hopefully the rabbit lived to see another day.

Yesterday afternoon I had to wait in for the gas engineer to come and do the annual service of our boiler. It's over twenty years old now and it was fingers crossed that it survived another winter, which it did. The engineer said it is only working at 70% capacity now and if it fails the parts are no longer available. We've turned off the central heating but I find it is still quite cold at nighttime even when it's quite warm during the day. We've owned three houses having upsized when the children were growing up and downsized after they'd flown the nest and we've had to replace the boilers in both of our other homes so it's a bit of a dilemma as what to do about  this one. After much deliberation we've decided for now at least to do an Annie and that's do nothing :)

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Molly by the sea

Daughter, son-in-law and Molly won't be joining us for our Easter Sunday meal today, they arrived yesterday morning instead. That is what Annie thought about Molly turning up at her house again. Molly came in, walked right past us, straight into the kitchen and ate Annie's food, just like Eric used to do :)

Daughter came bearing gifts as she knows we don't buy Easter eggs, daughter was making sure we had some chocolate for Easter and I'm sure Annie is going to enjoy her doggy chocolate bar :)

So we took the dogs down to the beach and they had a great time, Molly even had some off lead time and she was really good considering her recall isn't too good which is why she needs her long line training lead. Having treats in my handbag often helped too :)

 We stopped at the promenade cafe and had a welcome cup of coffee and toast.

Do you like Molly's new collar? Daughter had it handmade especially for Molly and certainly reflects daughter's wacky sense of humour :) Please do checkout her friend's website here at 
I urge you to read MaggieMoo's about me page, it made me cry :(

After our walk we returned home and watched  the live stream of April the giraffe just minutes after she had given birth. I have to be honest I had no idea about April until daughter told me about the impending birth being an internet sensation and it was rather good timing on our part to be able to watch mother and calf live on television (we have a smart TV) and watch the young calf getting to his feet on wobbly legs. Oh yes, it's a boy :)

So our family set off  home after tea and phoned later to say they made good time as the traffic on the road wasn't too bad late evening.

Our Easter Sunday will be a nice meal at home for just the two of us and we will watch the Grand Prix live on TV later this afternoon. We may partake in one or two of those creme eggs :)

I hope you enjoy your Easter celebrations too.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter weekend

I have recently taken six bags full of books to a local charity donations centre. Not carrier-bag size  bags but proper recycling bags full. It was definitely time to have a clear out, my house was full of books. They were very grateful for the donation and one of the staff came to the car to help carry them inside. Hopefully the books will make them some much needed funds.

I've always liked books, hardback books and paperback books, fiction and nonfiction and will admit that some books I'd not  even read all the way through. I'm completely addicted to books. One collection of books I will not part with though and that is these.

Yesterday I bought myself yet another book and so this is what I'm currently reading.

 I think this will be a good read to dip in and out of.

While I was in town I met a Molly lookalike called Dan. His owner was taking a rest on a town centre bench. He told me that Dan was so lazy he would like to be pushed in the wheelchair if he could :)

Today and a different town centre, a reminder that it's Good Friday today and I listened for a while to the Easter message.

I think daughter, son-in-law and Molly will be vising this weekend. We don't buy Easter eggs but will partake in just a small amount of chocolate. I have a turkey breast crown to cook with all the trimmings and hopefully we will enjoy a nice Sunday lunch with a bottle of wine.

 I wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

R.I.P. Ninja cat

I'm very sad today. 

I took these photos back in October 2014 of a neighbourhood cat I have always called Ninja cat. He was quite a character and would torment Annie. He would lurk in the bushes, jump out at her, follow us home and sit on our garden wall until we let Annie into our back garden to see him off. I'm sure when he jumped off that wall he was laughing at us.

I was walking past his home today when his owner came to tell me that Annie was safe to pass her house now as Freddie (his real name) won't be bothering her anymore. I was shocked to learn that last week some callous bastard (I make no apologies for my language) had set his dog on to him late one night and Freddie was so badly injured he had to be put to sleep. What makes it worse is that Freddie was the first pet of our neighbour's eleven year old son. Freddie was only seven years old.

The incident happened on the street, a few doors away from our neighbour's home and the matter has been reported to the police. It seems that the police have someone on their radar for doing this crime as it's happened before. Apparently he goes 'lamping' late at night. Unfortunately they don't have the actual proof that it was him.

I can only weep. Bloody thug.